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ConMet Preset Hub Winter Price Freeze
Why rebuild, when you can replace? Save time and money with ConMet PreSet replacement hubs

Replacement PreSet® Hub Assemblies

Why Rebuild, When You Can Replace? For more than 20 years PreSet® hubs have been the go-to wheel end for commercial vehicles in North America. As a direct replacement to originally installed PreSet® and PreSet® Plus hubs, an aftermarket PreSet hub makes wheel end service simple and cost effective.
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Replace and Save PreSet VS Rebuilt Hub

replace verses rebuild

Every year more than 2 million commercial truck and trailer hubs will need to be either serviced or replaced. Service often requires rebuilding the hub by manually replacing and adjusting hub components which can lead to a greater potential for wheel end problems. By replacing the hub, you can save or reduce time, cost, and complexity.
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Digital Products and service ConMet

digital products and service

ConMet Digital was established in 2019 to advance innovation on IoT (Internet of Things) for heavy-duty vehicles. ConMet Digital’s end-to-end, tractor-trailer telematics system operates on a single network and is expertly designed to address the most common fleet concerns. Through a deep understanding of the tractor-trailer ecosystem and leading-edge data science, ConMet Digital helps fleets increase vehicle utilization, enhance safety and critical insights when and where events occur. The full suite of services include the PreSet Plus SmartHub™ wheel end monitoring, SmartTrack™ asset management, SmartAir™ TPMS, SmartAir line pressure monitoring, and SmartAir axle load monitoring.
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ConMets Mobile App Replace vs Rebuild Calculator

ConMet’s Mobile App with Replace Vs. Rebuild Calculator

Use the Replace Vs. Rebuild Calculator within the ConMet app to determine if you can save money by replacing rather than rebuilding a hub assembly. In most cases, replacement will be the most cost-effective, safest, and smartest option.
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Learn More ConMet Literature

ConMet Literature

Click on the link to view and download literature on ConMet products, manuals, newsletters, bulletins, and warranties.
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