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Air Pass Mud Flaps

introducing air pass mud flaps

The mud flap that helps pay for itself every time you drive.

The Air Pass Mud Flaps allow air to pass, reducing drag and saving on fuel. There is also a weight savings, on a truck and trailer combos using 4 flaps, you can expect at least an 8lb savings over a 5lb rubber flap.

You may pay more initially, but the fuel savings on a typical truck can pay this pack in roughly a year!

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exhaust clamps

new exhaust clamps for heavy duty trucks

Nu-line's NEW exhaust clamps come in aluminized and stainless steel with pre-attached hardware included. These are for exhaust pipes, mufflers, elbows and exhaust tubing connections.
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adjustable fender mounts

adjustable fender mounts

Nu-Line offers a 360 Fender Swivel Mount with an adjustable bracket for easy installation. Post mounts to truck frame with one bolt and it takes up minimum space on the truck frame.

The 360 swivel provides maximum flexibility when mounting to the truck frame. All hardware is included.

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