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Customers can now create a vehicle product application. Vehicle applications include van, reefer, flatbed, grain, container, livestock, gravel and heavy haul.
SAF-Holland has released a new website that is designed to put customers needs first!

The new website allows users to create a vehicle product application. Using the new “Create My Vehicle” tab on the homepage, customers may select from nine vehicle applications including van, reefer, flatbed, tanker, grain, container, livestock, gravel and heavy haul.

After selecting an application, specific tractor and trailer components are identified so users can quickly view and select the products for the application. Once the vehicle is created, the product specifics can be emailed, downloaded, and printed for future reference, or shared as a starting point with a dealer.

SAF-Holland is a global manufacturer of trailer suspension and axle systems, truck suspensions, fifth wheels, landing gear and coupling products.

Explore SAF-Hollands new website below!
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HOLLAND PH-405 Heavy-Duty Pintle Hook

The HOLLAND PH-405 is an austenitic manganese steel alloy rigid-mount pintle hook designed for on/off-road trailers and semi-trailers in doubles and triples towing applications. The HOLLAND PH-405 is an air cushioned pintle hook made of austenitic manganese for enhanced wear resistance. The horn 'Work Hardens' at contact surfaces with the drawbar eye and can be operated with or without the air chamber
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HOLLAND LowLube Replacement Lube

Replaceable lube plate inserts are molded to a perforated steel reinforcement plate making them highly resistant to peeling and damage. Innovative solution to fifth wheel lubrication by eliminating the need for grease on the top plate surface. Replacement lube plate insert kit comes with a set of plate inserts compatible for FW33 LowLube, FW31 NoLube, and FWAL Aluminum LowLube models.
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HOLLAND Mark V Landing Gear – RK-11287

The SAF Holland rebuild kit has everything you need to rebuild the gear box for your Holland Mark V landing gear. Each kit contains original OEM components specifically designed to keep your Mark V landing gear operating in optimum condition.
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