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Winter Price Freeze Truck-Lite
Truck-Lite Heated LED Headlights 4x6 projector


  • Military-grade construction
  • 3-year warranty
  • Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • Brighter, whiter light then alternative LED options
  • Beautiful design
  • Heats consistently under 10°C / 50°F
  • Unique heat pattern is designed to prevent ice, slush and snow build up on the lens
Truck-Lite Custom LED Headlights Freightliner Cascadia that out perform halogen headlights

Custom led headlights

From the leader in LED forward lighting, Truck-Lite’s custom LED headlights are designed to greatly outperform stock halogen headlights – and cheap imitations.

Our rugged construction, solid-state components and industry-leading warranty can help you maximize uptime and save on maintenance costs over the life of your vehicle. Most importantly, our pure white light output increases visibility and object recognition, helping to keep you and other drivers safer on the road.

Truck-Lite High-Output Economy LED Work LIghts

High-Output Economy LED Work Lights

Truck-Lite’s new line of high-output economy LED work lights puts brighter, truer light right where you need it at an affordable price.

Backed by an industry-leading warranty and available in multiple beam patterns, each lamp is designed and tested to perform in any situation throughout the life of your vehicle.

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Truck-Lite Multi-Purpose Maintenance Spray Corrosion Control Lubricates Cleans and Penetrates

Corrosion control, Lubricates, Cleans and penetrates

MULTI-PURPOSE MAINTENANCE SPRAY quickly loosens frozen or seized parts with ease. It invades hard to reach crevices and creeps through the tightest seams, displacing moisture! It also offers corrosion control by forming a protective thin barrier to stop oxidation and prevent rust on contact.
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