Super Stop

Our Remanufactured Brakes

Unmatched consistency and quality makes Super Stop a leader in the remanufacturing of brake shoes and air disc brake calipers for commercial trucks, trailers, and transit/coach applications. Super Stop uses a variety of nationally recognized friction materials and are available for virtually every heavy-duty brake application. Super Stop is focused on offering reliable, and affordable braking solutions with complete product support and service through the network of FGI locations and associate stores.

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SUPER STOP (a division of Fort Garry Industries) prides itself on the unmatched consistency and quality of their remanufactured brake shoes, fan clutches, air disc brake calipers and hydraulic brake components for the on-highway and transit/coach industries. Using leading edge remanufacturing procedures and tools, SUPER STOP assures you the highest standards of performance and reliability.

SUPER STOP benefits:

  • Provide an OE quality shoe for less cost than a new shoe
  • Coining process prevents lining cracking and extends lining life
  • Environmentally tested paint prevents rust and extends shoe life
  • Semi-Automated riveting machine ensures correct lining attachment and tightness
  • Electronic designed reforming machine returns stretched shoes to OE dimensions


SUPER STOP is committed to quality at every step of the operation. Our attention to detail sets us apart from other remanufacturers. In addition to being an authorized remanufacturer, SUPER STOP is a distributor for the leading brake manufacturers in North America. And each of our products are backed by a full warranty.

Commercial Opportunities

Super Stop invites inquiries about other commercial opportunities for its products. Whether it's to do with an existing line or a related new product, our Remanufacturing Department would welcome your ideas.

For further information contact:

Doug Martens
Branch Manager - Remanufacturing
P: 1 (204) 895-4515