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ABS Trailers specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality Live-bottom trailers. Their trailers offer advanced and innovative electronics for unloading dry bulk materials with their conveyor belt unloading systems. Their conveyor belt-operated trailers allow effortless unloading of aggregates, asphalt, sand, gravel, and agricultural products through the back gate. This precise unloading without the need to dump or tilt makes ABS’s live bottom trailers the most accurate and controlled trailers on the market.

ABS has been surpassing expectations with their highly advanced trailers for over 15 years. Fort Garry Industries stocks both new and used live-bottom trailers from ABS. Get in touch with one of our FGI Trailer Sales experts to find the right trailer to suit your specific transportation needs in your area.

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Live Bottom Trailers

When you need maximum control over unloading your trailer, a conveyed live bottom trailer from ABS is the trailer you need to get the job done precisely. FGI sells the WC models from ABS.

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