About BWS

BWS Manufacturing designs and creates a wide range of durable steel trailers for a variety of industries. From heavy haul trailers to flat decks and tag along trailers, BWS builds the sturdiest steel-framed trailers for limitless possibilities.

Carefully crafting each trailer, BWS has been building innovative trailers in Canada for the transportation industry since 1967. Fort Garry Industries is a proud dealer for all your BWS trailer needs with dozens of BWS models in stock and ready to be hitched to your heavy-duty truck. Contact your FGI Trailer Sales expert today to find the BWS trailer with all the customizable features you need to transport your business, efficiently and effortlessly.

Trailer Series & Models:

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Tag Along Trailers

BWS manufactures tilt and non-tilt tag along trailers that suit your specific hauling needs. Their pintle hitch trailer is easy to attach to your existing fleet to add a little extra hauling capacity.

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Double Drop Trailers

When hauling oversized and overweight cargo with unique loading and unloading requirements, BWS supplies a wide variety of double drop trailers with many customizable features to suit your specific hauling needs.

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Equipment/Paving & Recovery Trailers

For a versatile trailer that gets the job done effortlessly and efficiently, an equipment or paving and recovery trailer from BWS can be customized to suit your specific hauling needs.

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Flat Decks & Drop Deck Trailers

BWS’s flat deck and drop deck trailers are dependable and customizable. Fort Garry Industries has BWS trailers in stock and ready for you to hitch up and hit the highway.

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Heavy Haul

For a heavy-duty trailer with reinforced frames, axles, and suspension to haul extremely heavy loads, BWS manufactures ridged trailers, jeeps, and boosters that keep your business moving effortlessly.

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Oil Field

BWS specializes in trailers for the oil and gas industries. These heavy haul trailers are dependable, rugged, and built to handle the harshest conditions.

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Logging Trailers

Logging trailers are your timber industry workhorses. Fort Garry Industries can order your new logger trailer that suits your specific hauling needs, today!

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