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Whether it’s transporting heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, or industrial materials, the trailers at Landoll Company, LLC. are engineered with precision and built to withstand rigorous conditions. Renowned for their innovative designs and superior craftsmanship, Landoll trailers offer unmatched performance, efficiency, and safety, making them the preferred choice for those with unique and specialized hauling requirements.

Fort Garry Industries is an exclusive Western Canada dealer for Landoll trailers. FGI stocks a variety of Landoll trailers and can also order a custom Landoll trailer that includes the options and features you need to suit your business’s hauling requirements.

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Traveling Axle

When hauling low-clearance vehicles like buses or vans, a travelling axle trailer from Landoll is your hydraulic operated solution. Slide the trailer axles to create a low-degree ramp to load your cargo directly onto the deck.

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330D-1 (8 Ton)
Product Info 330D-1 Trailer Overview
Brochure 330D-1 Specific Literature
343A (5 Ton)
Product Info 343A Trailer Overview
Brochure 343A Specific Literature
345F (25 Ton)
Product Info 345F Trailer Overview
Brochure 345F Specific Literature


Landoll’s detachable double drop trailers feature a removable gooseneck that allows loading and unloading from the front of the main deck of the trailer. A variety of models featuring load capacities ranging from 27.5 tons to 55 tons are available from Landoll.

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825-AG (27.5 Ton)
Product Info 825-AG Trailer Overview
Brochure 825-AG Specific Literature
835-AG (35 Ton)
Product Info 835-AG Trailer Overview
Brochure 835-AG Specific Literature
845-AG (45 Ton)
Product Info 845-AG Trailer Overview
Brochure 845-AG Specific Literature
835 (35 Ton)
Product Info 835 Trailer Overview
Brochure 835 Specific Literature

Traveling Tail

Lift and lower equipment with the rugged and durable tails of Landoll’s travel tail trailers. Load and unload equipment and machinery at a variety of heights with ease!

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