When you have a huge load to haul, it’s crucial that your trailer can handle the weight. That means you’ll need something high-quality, durable, and proven in the industry.

Fort Garry Industries carries an ideal selection of heavy haul trailers and accessories. View our selection, and contact us if you would like more information.


BWS Manufacturing is an ISO certified trailer manufacturer. Every BWS trailer is carefully designed and built for easy, low maintenance, and reliable operation. Their dedicated workforce relies on their collective skills and creative talents to generate a high-quality product, each built with a ‘craftsman-like’ mentality. Plus, you can be assured great support throughout the lifetime of your trailer through Fort Garry Industries and the entire national BWS dealer and service network.


Lode King’s Steel Oilfield flatbeds are designed specifically for oil industry work, where legal highway weights are maintained but a full 50 Ton float is not required to get the job done.

The trailer’s structure has been beefed up to survive the oilfield environment, yet it’s thousands of pounds lighter than a 50 Ton oilfield float.

Our Steel Oilfield bridges the gap between a highway trailer and a heavy haul float, with key features that include a full width pickup throat, collapsible landing gear and a heavy-duty rear bolster prepared to accept a live roll.

Fort Garry Industries supplies key trailers for oil industry needs—contact us today for tips on selecting the right trailer for your needs.


BWS Rigidneck trailers are the dependable choice for the Oil & Gas industry. Available as 55 Ton Tridem 52’, 11”” lowbed, or with a 6” drop the Rigidneck will work as hard as you do.

  • Flip neck ready
  • Low rear approach
  • Low loaded deck height
  • Removable drop-in king pin
  • Pick-up throat
  • Booster ready option
  • Ridewell 30, 000 lb suspension with check chains
  • Tie-down pockets


A great option for work in the oilsands, our Scisso rnecks flatbed trailer are rugged and customizable for your convenience. All of our Scissor neck trailers are prepared for finish by steel shot blast, with a commercial/industrial top coat applied, and are oven baked. Our standard colour is black.

  • Flip-over beavertail
  • Access low rear approach
  • Dual position drop-in kingpin
  • 7” pop-up ratcheting center roll
  • 9” live rear roll
  • Full width pick-up throat
  • 2 pair breakaway extendable wide load lights


Flexibility is the key feature of the Lode King mechanical Scissor Neck—this beauty can be configured in many different widths and neck options, as well as with a flip-over beavertail or standard fixed rear live roll. The Scissor Neck is available in 40 or 50 Ton configurations, giving you plenty of options for any job.


For extra-long self-supporting loads, the Lode King Trombone Extendable is the perfect trailer for the task. From a collapsed length of 51 feet, this unit can be stretched to nearly 69 feet. Features include both a rear live roll and 6-inch retractable kicker rolls located at the midpoint of the trailer.


When there’s a heavy load to haul, the Lode King Low Boy is the right choice for the job. The Low Boy is designed with Lode King’s Jeep and Booster in mind, which helps distribute the load across more distance. The Low Boy can be ordered to hook up to a tandem or a tri-drive tractor.


Lode King’s Steel Oilfield flatbeds are designed for oil industry tasks, where legal highway weights are maintained, but a full 50-tonne float isn’t needed to do the job. The trailer’s structure is beefed up to endure an oilfield environment, yet it’s thousands of pounds lighter than a 50-tonne oilfield float.


Lode King’s Jeep was designed specifically to work with the 50-tonne Low Boy trailer. The Jeep comes with the same profile as the Low Boy, making it the perfect match to get the job done.


The Lode King Booster was designed specifically to match up with the 50-tonne Low Boy. Features include a steerable axle with locking pins, to make reversing a breeze. A single-axle Claw Booster featuring a fixed rear live roll is also available, and is designed to hook up to a booster-ready Scissor Neck trailer, or a Trombone Extendable trailer.


Fort Garry Industries supplies a wide selection of specialty trailers. These trailers are ideal solutions for all sorts of common hauling challenges.

Lode King’s top-quality specialty trailers include the following options: