About Double Drop Deck TRAILERS

Double drop deck trailers, also referred to as removable goosenecks (RGNs) or detachable, are commonly used for transporting oversized or tall cargo and equipment. These trailers typically feature three decks. The first deck is positioned above the gooseneck, the second deck is located above the axles in the rear of the trailer, and the third deck is situated between the first and second decks, creating a well or lower deck section in the middle of the trailer. The well of the trailer is typically where most cargo, such as heavy machinery, is carried. The upper deck can also be utilized for lighter-weight cargo, when needed, as well.

Double drop trailers typically come with either a removable/detachable gooseneck or a fixed one. The removable/detachable gooseneck (RGN) is used for front-loading by detaching to create a ramp onto the well or lower deck section. These RGN-style trailers are ideal for heavy machinery like excavators or bulldozers. Conversely, a fixed or permanently attached gooseneck trailer prioritizes stability and is favoured for loads that don’t require front loading, such as loading from a crane.

The length of a double drop trailer can range from 48’ to 53’ and can support a weight capacity of 35 to over 50 tons, depending on the number of axles. Double drop trailers can feature 2-3 axles and have options to add additional flip axles on the rear of the trailer. If you are looking to haul heavier loads that go beyond a double drop deck trailer capacity, a specialized heavy-haul trailer may be more suited for your hauling requirements.

Fort Garry Industries carries a wide range of double-drop deck trailers from BWS Manufacturing and Landoll that can be customized to suit your unique hauling needs. From air-detachable goosenecks to hydraulic-detachable goosenecks, FGI has the trailer to meet your specific needs.

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