About Drop Deck TRAILERS

Heavy-duty drop deck trailers, also known as step deck trailers, are your alternative to heavy-duty flat deck trailers and are a more customized approach to hauling. These trailers feature two deck levels: an upper deck, positioned above the truck’s kingpin, and a lower deck, positioned closer to the ground. This design allows taller cargo to be transported on the lower deck, providing greater height clearance without exceeding height limitations. Additionally, the lower deck facilitates easier loading and unloading of the trailer.

Drop deck trailers can vary in number of axles, length, and width. They can also be built from lightweight aluminum or durable steel. Similar to flat deck trailers, drop decks can also be equipped with specialty features such as D rings, winches, chain pullouts, toolboxes, dunnage racks, wheel size, mud flaps and more to suit your hauling needs.

Fort Garry Industries stocks drop deck trailers from the trusted trailer brand, Lode King. They are ready to be hitched to your truck to start transporting your cargo today. FGI can also special order a customized trailer to suit your unique transportation needs.

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