About Equipment, Paving & Recovery TRAILERS

Equipment, paving, and recovery trailers are designed for effortless loading and unloading of heavy equipment, machinery, tractors, or vehicles. Built using a standard, ridged frame, these trailers are then customized to suit your industry’s specific transportation needs. Fort Garry Industries stocks equipment, paving & recovery trailers from BWS Manufacturing.

Traveling axle and traveling tail trailers are another type of equipment trailer that specializes in ensuring low clearance machinery is easily loaded and unloaded without damaging the underside of the cargo being transported. FGI is the exclusive Western Canadian dealer for these trailers from Landoll and can order your next customized trailer, today!


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  • Equipment Trailers

    Equipment trailers are suited for transporting heavy machinery and equipment for a variety of specialized industries. Within the construction industry, these trailers are equipped with ramps that make loading and unloading heavy equipment with large rubber tracks, such as dozers, loaders, and excavators, effortless. Equipment trailers are versatile, which means they can also be custom-designed and suited to be used in other industries such as landscaping, forestry, agriculture, and demolition. Easily transport skidders, mulchers, bobcats, drilling rigs and more with these multi-use trailers.

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  • Paving & Recovery Trailers

    Paving and recovery trailers, although serving distinct industries, share similarities in design and feature sets. These trailers, in both industries, typically feature long, wood beaver tails and ramps to ensure a low degree of slope when loading and unloading paving equipment and disabled or damaged vehicles.

    There are several customizable features of this trailer that ensure they suit your industry and transportation needs. Some load securement options include D rings, outriggers, winches with winch tracks, rub rails and pockets, as well as chain pullouts. Other optional features include air-assisted or manual ramps, wide load lights, and storage toolboxes. One essential feature in a recovery trailer is an electric or hydraulic winch.

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  • Traveling Axle Trailers

    For the lowest degree slopes for rear-end loading and unloading, a travelling axle trailer offers the lowest slope angle for loading. The axles on these trailers slide along the bottom of the trailer and when positioned in the back, the trailer is flat and ready to transport. When the axles slide to the front of the trailer, the back of the deck tips to the ground and acts as a low-profile sloped loading ramp.

    These trailers are ideal for loading and unloading long or low-clearance cargo such as buses, graters, and other equipment or machinery that can’t be loaded onto a trailer with sharp ramp angles or bends in the trailer. The upper deck of the travelling axle trailer also features a shallow sloped transition, which means lifts, forklifts and other limited overhead space equipment can easily be loaded onto this deck with ease.

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  • Traveling Tail Trailers

    Travelling tail trailers are heavy-duty equipment trailers with hydraulic tails, or ramps, that have unmatched loading and unloading capabilities. These innovative trailers possess the ability to lift and lower their tails from ground level to above deck height, providing  unmatched control and stability when loading and unloading equipment and machinery at various heights. This allows equipment positioned higher than the trailer itself, such as a forklift in a raised loading dock, to be seamlessly loaded onto the trailer and subsequently unloaded at ground level.

    Another unique feature of the travelling tail trailer is that the tail can be lifted and lowered with heavy equipment and machinery positioned on the tail. This allows even further opportunities when loading and unloading this rugged trailer. Cargo can also be secured to the tail of the trailer and then be transported which maximizes the cargo space of the entire length of the trailer.

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