About Flat Deck TRAILERS

Heavy-duty flat-deck trailers are one of the most common trailers found on the road. They are constructed using high-strength steel and/or lightweight aluminum and come in a variety of lengths, axles, and suspensions to suit a wide range of different freights. Flat decks can also come in a b-train style to suit a more customized approach to hauling.

Given the open and flat design of these trailers, they are extremely versatile and flexible platforms for transporting limitless types of cargo as well as oversized items that may not fit within the confines of enclosed trailers. Construction equipment, building materials, infrastructure components and vehicles are just some of the different cargo examples flat deck trailers can easily transport.

Flat decks can sport many customizable features that make what you need to transport even more efficient and effortless. A variety of winches, tie-downs, toolboxes, dunnage racks, and wheels can be customized to your flat deck trailer to suit your transportation needs.

No matter the size, weight or freight that’s being hauled, FGI has a heavy-duty flat-deck trailer that can be customized to your unique needs. A variety of Lode King flat deck trailers, including b-train styles, are in stock at one of many Fort Garry Industries locations. Transport your lumber, steel beams, pipes, solar panels, or road barriers with the trailers sold at FGI, today!

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