About Grain Hopper TRAILERS

Heavy-duty grain hopper trailers, also known as grain trailers or hopper bottoms, are built to suit the demanding needs of the farming and agricultural industries. Grain hopper trailers are constructed of lightweight aluminum or high-grade steel and come in a variety of models including super-b, tri-axle, and tandem to meet specific farming applications.

These trailers are easy to fill with grains, oilseeds, pulses, fertilizers, feed, wood pellets, and other farming materials and are loaded using grain augers or conveyor systems through the top of the trailer. Precise unloading is done through the trailer’s sloped configuration and adjustable gates underneath the trailer.

Haul your various dry-bulk agricultural materials in a heavy-duty grain hopper trailer from Fort Garry Industries. FGI can customize your next set of grain trailers from Lode King to suit the needs and size of your farm, today!

Contact your FGI Trailer Sales Location to learn how you can order your Lode King Grain Hopper Trailer, today!