About Gravel, Dump & Live Bottom TRAILERS

When you need to move large quantities of bulk material or aggregates like sand, crushed stone or gravel, you need a gravel trailer. Gravel trailers come in a variety of styles that are designed to load, move and unload your contents efficiently and effectively. Understanding what you’re transporting, considering weight limits, and assessing the landscape or terrain will aid in selecting the optimal gravel trailer for your business.

Fort Garry Industries is the exclusive Western Canadian dealer for Midland Manufacturing Limited gravel and sandrunner trailers. FGI’s extensive lots are always stocked with a variety of Midland trailers, including their gravel bodies, which we can install, too!

When considering a live bottom trailer as your next gravel hauler, FGI can order one, or several, from ABS Trailers. Contact us today to learn more about these specialized trailers!


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  • End Dump Trailers

    Heavy-duty end dump trailers are the workhorses of dump trailers. These trailers are built to load, move, and unload gravel, sand, soil, rocks, and other dry bulk cargo quickly. With its hydraulic lifting system, it lifts the front of the box and dumps the materials out of the back gate behind the trailer. These trailers come in tandem axel, tri-axle, tri-drive, and quad-axle configurations to accommodate a diverse range of load weights.

    Designed to move bulk materials extremely efficiently and effectively, these versatile trailers are commonly used in the construction, mining, and agricultural industries. If fitted with a leak-proof tailgate, semi-liquid cargo can also be accommodated inside end dump trailers.

    Midland’s End Dump Trailers are in stock at your FGI Trailer Sales location! Contact us today!


  • Belly Dump Trailers

    Heavy-duty belly dump trailers, also known as bottom dump trailers and cross-gate trailers, unload dry-bulk materials through clamshell gates at the bottom of the trailer. These trailers are particularly suited for smaller materials including gravel, sand, soil, and crushed rock. Belly dumps are commonly found in the road maintenance industry due to their ability to unload cargo while in motion. This allows them to spread gravel and asphalt precisely and evenly.

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  • Side Dump Trailers

    Heavy-duty side dump trailers tilt to the left or right side of the trailer to unload its cargo.These specialized trailers use hydraulic pumps to tilt their large-capacity tubs and, depending on the size of the load, terrain, and type of trailer, it can empty its contents in a matter of a few seconds.Additionally, given the tub design of these trailers, they can haul dry bulk and semi-liquid materials.

    Built to withstand heavy loads and harsh working conditions, side dumps are suited for the construction, mining, agriculture, waste management, and landscaping industries.Fort Garry Industries carries a wide range of heavy-duty side dump trailer configurations with a variety of features to provide you with the optimal dump trailer. FGI is your side dump trailer dealer specialist.

    Midland’s Side Dump Trailers are available at your FGI Trailer Sales Locations!

  • Gravel Body

    Heavy-duty gravel bodies are end dump boxes that are installed directly to your truck. This integrated design operates as a single unit and offers unmatched maneuverability in tight spaces compared to traditional trailers. Gravel bodies come in tandem or tri-drive axle configurations with varying degrees of slopped body options that provide the best loading and unloading flexibility for your unique hauling needs.

    Fort Garry Industries not only supplies gravel bodiesfrom Midland Manufacturing that suit your industry’s needs but can install them onto your truck, too. With a wide variety of gravel body options to choose from, including double-acting gates, high-lift gates, cab guards, asphalt lips, tarps, and more, FGI is equipped to find you the gravel body you need.

    Contact Fort Garry Industries to see how we can install your Midland Gravel Body to your truck!

  • Live Bottoms Trailers

    When you need to unload dry bulk materials in a confined space with precision, a live bottom trailer is your specialized answer. Unlike traditional dump trailers that require tipping or lifting to unload, live bottom trailers offer continuous and controlled unloading with their conveyor system. These rubber conveyor belts run the entire length of the bottom of the trailer to push materials out the rear gate of the trailer. Operators have the option to control the speed and direction of these belts which provides the most controlled unloading system for gravel trailers.

    Live bottom trailers from ABS Trailers can handle and easily unload a wide range of materials including sand, gravel, asphalt, and agricultural products. These trailers also allow you to continuously dump their contents, evenly and precisely, while in motion which provides additional unloading opportunities.

    Learn more about ABS’s Live Bottom Trailers by calling FGI, today!

  • Converter Dolly

    When you need to connect multiple trailers to maximize your hauling configuration, you need a converter dolly. These dollies connect additional heavy-duty trailers with compatible coupling devices. With a varying number of axles that provide a selection of weight configurations, converter dollies allow you to haul additional cargo or multiple types of cargo that need to stay separated simultaneously. Attach your new converter dolly and connect another trailer to create a road train to augment your fleet, today!

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  • Pony Pups

    Need a little extra hauling capacity on your transportation configuration? Heavy-duty pony pups are attached by a pintle hitch instead of directly to a fifth wheel or kingpin and can be attached to your trailer to create a train-like trailer system. This not only provides additional freight space but also a separate bin to carry the same or different cargo at the same time.

    Learn more about the end dump pony pups from Midland by visiting your FGI Trailer Sales location!

  • Wagons

    Heavy-duty wagons are trailers with axels on both the front and back end that connect to your hauling configuration via pintle hitch rather than directly to the kingpin. Wagons are traditionally connected to other end dump trailers to create a substantial train-like trailer system that drastically increases cargo capabilities. With the flexibility of two cargo compartments, wagons are the ideal complement to your transportation setup.

    Whether you are hauling a significant volume of the same materials or require separate compartments for different cargo types, Fort Garry Industries has the wagon you need to meet your unique transportation demands. Easily integrate FGI’s wide range of wagons into your existing fleet or purchase a complete trailer package today!

    Midland Wagons are in stock at Fort Garry Industries! Contact your Trailer Sales expert, today!

  • Sandrunners

    Sandrunners are specialized trailers used in hydraulic fracturing operations, commonly referred to as fracking, within the oil and gas industry. These trailers are specifically designed to transport proppants, typically sand, to the well site where hydraulic fracturing is being conducted.

    These trailers feature unique, revolutionary clam gates underneath the trailer for accurately dispensing vast amounts of proppants. The hoppers on Sandrunner trailers are strategically designed to accommodate significant volumes of sand with a sloped design that enhances both capacity and unloading efficiency.

    Midland’s Sandrunners are available and ready to be added to your fleet, today!