About Heavy Haul & Oilfield TRAILERS

When the weight and size of your cargo are oversized, overweight and exceed the limits of standard trailers, heavy haul trailers are your specialized workhorses. Heavy haul trailers feature reinforced frames, axles, and suspension systems to distribute the weight evenly and provide stability during transport. Some heavy haul trailers also sport additional specialized features such as hydraulic or mechanical systems for lifting and lowering loads, extendable decks to accommodate various load sizes and multiple axles for increased weight capacity.

Fort Garry Industries has a wide variety of heavy haul trailers from BWS Manufacturing that can be used for hauling a wide variety of different loads, cargo and freights for several industries including oil and gas. Contact us today with your unique hauling needs and we’ll find you the trailer with the specialized features you need to move your business.


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  • Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

    Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) trailers are the most common heavy haul trailers. These trailers are designed with a detachable gooseneck which allows for easy front loading and unloading of large and heavy equipment or machinery. Depending on the weight of your haul, there’s a HDG trailer that is built to suit your specific transport needs.

    BWS carries a variety of Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailers. Call us today to learn more!

  • Jeeps & Boosters

    When your cargo exceeds the weight of your trailer, a jeep or booster may be required. A jeep consists of additional single or tandem axles that connect to the front of the trailer, while a booster has axles that attach to the rear end of the trailer. These additional axles, on the front or back of your trailer configuration, distribute the weight of the load evenly and provide stability during transport. Jeeps and boosters also provide additional length to your trailer providing further opportunities for transporting longer and larger cargo.

    BWS Jeeps & Boosters are available at Fort Garry Industries!Contact your FGI Trailer Sales location to learn more.

  • Rigidneck Trailers

    When you need a rugged and durable trailer to withstand the harshest conditions, a rigidneck trailer is your dependable option. Also known as a fixed gooseneck (FGN) trailer and commonly used in the oil & gas industries, these trailers are built to withstand oversized and heavy loads. The fixed-neckdesign of these trailers makes them a true workhorse. When it comes to loading and unloading, this is achieved through the back of the trailer and is done easily due to the superior suspension and heavy-duty ramps.

    BWS’s Rigidneck Trailers are commonly used in the oil and gas industry. Learn more by contacting your FGI Trailer Sales location, today!

  • Scissorneck Trailers

    A scissorneck trailer has a uniquely designed front deck that not only attaches to your heavy-duty truck but can also be lowered to act as a ramp to load the trailer. This mechanical system is ideal for the specialized loading and unloading of various types of heavy equipment, including bulldozers, excavators, and other machinery.

    BWS’s Scissorneck Trailers are sold at Fort Garry Industries! Find a FGI Trailer Sales location near you and come view our selection of trailers, today!