About Logging TRAILERS

Designed to transport logs efficiently and safely, heavy-duty logging trailers are essential to the timber industry. Built to withstand the rugged conditions of logging sites, these trailers feature heavy-duty axels, reinforced frames, and durable suspension systems. Logging trailers also come with adjustable bunks/stakes to accommodate different sizes and shapes of logs within the trailer.

Logging trailer designs and features can vary depending on several factors including where you are hauling and the type of timber you are transporting. Following these relevant regulations and standards is important when choosing the right logging trailer that suits your specific needs.

When you need a heavy-duty logger trailer that can handle unforgiving terrain and haul logs in a variety of sizes, FGI can supply one or a fleet of trailers from BWS Manufacturing to meet your business needs. Order your new logger trailers, suited for your local jurisdiction regulations, from Fort Garry Industries, today!

Learn more about the specific models of BWS Logging Trailers by calling your FGI Trailer Sales location, today!