About Tag Along TRAILERS

Tag along trailers, also known as tag trailers, is a heavy-duty trailer that attaches to the rear of a vehicle, such as a dump truck, to haul additional heavy equipment. These trailers are connected by a pintle hitch, enabling them to attach to a truck or towing vehicle, such as a dump truck. This setup reduces the number of vehicles, manpower, and time required to haul heavy machinery between job sites.

Tag trailers come in different lengths, widths, and axles to handle a variety of different-sized loads and equipment. These trailers also have a variety of optional features such as beavertails, ramps, and tilting decks to optimize your loading and unloading process.

Fort Garry Industries has tag along trailers from BWS Manufacturing in stock and ready to be hitched to your truck to start moving additional equipment and cargo with the same rig.

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