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    BWS Manufacturing is an ISO certified trailer manufacturer. Every BWS trailer is carefully designed and built for easy, low maintenance, and reliable operation. Their dedicated workforce relies on their collective skills and creative talents to generate a high-quality product, each built with a ‘craftsman-like’ mentality. Plus, you can be assured great support throughout the lifetime of your trailer through Fort Garry Industries and the entire national BWS dealer and service network.

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The BWS Air Ramp Tilt trailer is a great option for the construction industry due to its ease of use. The unique air tilt deck and ramps on specific models will make the loading and unloading process even faster, saving you time and money. Plus, no complicated hydraulics are involved.

  • Air ramps reduce injury from lifting
  • Parking brakes on all axles allowing disconnect while loaded
  • Air tilt deck gives the ability to load several pieces of equipment and maintain a tilted deck. 5 year structural warranty

Utility Tag Trailers

Landoll’s utility tag trailer features the same high-quality materials and workmanship that are a trademark of Landoll trailers. Ranging from 10,000-pound to 14,000-pound capacities, the utility tag line has a trailer to ensure your investment will last over the average tag trailers on the market. Landoll’s tag trailers are fully rated.

A Landoll tag trailer’s finish is second to none. To ensure a durability that is second to none, the frame is shot-blasted, pre-baked, then pre-treated with a 6-stage pre-treat process. A zinc-rich powder primer is applied and then cured in a 300° oven. Powder coat paint finish in your choice of eight colours is applied and cured in a 400° oven.

Industrial Tag Trailers

Landoll Industrial tag trailers are designed with the highest quality and durability in mind for more capacity.

Each trailer of this family features a standard bucket trough saving approximately 13 inches in height with the recessed trough. Ten combination stake pocket/chain gotchas are built into the formed side rails of the industrial tag trailers. This unique feature makes securing your load easy, safe and quick.

Landoll Industrial tags feature a pierced main beam which lowers the deck height by several inches. Haul taller equipment without worrying about overall height.


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