About Utility & Light/Medium Duty TRAILERS

Utility trailers come in a variety of styles and models and have limitless uses. From recreational purposes like hauling snowmobiles and quads to moving your landscaping or vehicle towing business, utility trailers are your light-duty versatile trailers.

All light-duty and utility trailers come in a variety of different-sized models that support diverse payloads. When hauling a larger weighted light-duty trailer, you may need to equip a brake controller to your 1/2 or 3/4 ton truck to ensure smooth and controlled braking. Additionally, all light-duty trailers have the option of having a ball hitch or pintle hitch connection to your vehicle.

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  • Utility Trailers

    The utility trailer is the most common light-duty trailer found on the road. These trailers, constructed of high-quality steel frames, can be pulled by most trucks, SUV’s and some cars which have a hitch attachment. Utility trailers are commonly used for recreational purposes, such as transporting motorcycles, camping gear, or gardening tools. They are also found towing goods in various industries, including landscaping, waste disposal, and furniture/appliance moving.

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  • Dump Trailers

    When you don’t want to shovel your cargo off your trailer, a light-duty dump trailer may be your ideal solution. These trailers are equipped with a hydraulic power pack that tips the bucket of the trailer up to unload its contents from the rear of the trailer. These trailers are ideal for hauling snow, sand, compost, leaves and other landscaping or agricultural products.

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  • Equipment & Scissor Lift Trailers

    Light-duty equipment trailers are designed to haul equipment and light-duty machinery. These trailers are equipped with short beaver tails and under-deck ramps to load vehicles, ATV’s, lawnmowers, small tractors, a compact skid-steer loader or a mini excavator.

    Scissor Lift trailers are a specialty type of equipment trailer that is much lower to the ground than a regular equipment trailer. This allows you to load and unload your low-clearance cargo much more effectively and efficiently. These trailers are made with a steel frame and steel bottom which allow for more heavy-duty towing. Common uses for these trailers is to move low-clearance scissor lifts.

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  • Tilt Trailers

    Another light-duty utility trailer option sold at Fort Garry Industries at our Thunder Bay location is tilt trailers. These trailers feature a tilting deck that allows the deck to act as a ramp for loading and unloading. These trailers are ideal for moving classic cars that have low clearance. These trailers can be tilted using either gravity or hydraulics.

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  • Bumperpull Trailers

    Bumperpull trailers are your upgraded light-duty equipment trailers but a light-duty version to a heavy-duty flat deck trailer. These trailers, commonly more classified as a medium-duty trailer, are heavier, larger, and can haul heavier loads than a light-duty equipment trailer but can still be pulled by a 3/4 ton and up truck.

    These trailers typically feature a deckover style deck, which means the wheels and fenders are underneath the deck rather than sticking into the deck itself. This deck style allows for wider cargo to be transported and ensures the fenders don’t get in the way when loading and unloading the trailer.

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